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Spring 2020 | Eat, Read, Watch (and wash your hands)

This is what Comino is watching, eating, & reading (and other random things we want to share this season).


Watch | Watcheando | Viendo

LA Times Food YouTube channels offers a variety of intricate stories surrounding the Los Angeles food scene. Off Menu follows LA Times Food Columnist Lucas Kwan Peterson throughout LA where he gets to explore different neighborhoods and cultural hubs.

If you want to get started I would recommend Episode 9: “Chinese food in the San Gabriel Valley, this hemisphere’s biggest and best Chinatown

In this episode they talk about food authenticity. Whether you're aware of it or not we all question what “food authenticity” means. Who’s memory of a particular food is more authentic than the other. As Peter Meehan says: “Authenticity in terms of storytelling is important to me, but authenticity in food is not a thing” If you think something is authentic to you, that in its own, makes it authentic.

Also….this series is fucking great. So... go check out and let me know what you think.

Short Film | Disneys Pixar Bao

Need I say more?

Directed by Domee Shi and produced by Pixar Animation Studios. A beautiful short story about the unconditional love of a mother and its bao.

Film | Parasite

An “upstairs-downstairs film” that explores class, humanity, climate change, and the search for a sense of belonging.

This movie rocked my soul in a beautiful and cruel way. I found myself excitedly laughing with my body leaned forward to completely grossed out by the words coming out from one of the characters in the film. A lot of ups and downs. A truly surreal and accurate depiction of life. It's a beautiful reality check.

I also really want to try Ram-Don

Go see it, you owe it to yourself.

Film | The Farewell

Everyone should be watching movies that are not in their first language. This is a beautiful piece that anyone can relate to. The family dinners, the conversations, the existential struggles, and the longing of a loved one.

Awkwafina you rock!

Netflix | Zona Rosa

Four of Mexico’s funniest LGBTQ comedians. Veanlo! Especialmente Ana Julia Yeye’s amazing rant on reggaeton.

YouTube episodes:


Josh Peck’s narration and calling the cacahuate japones “unicorn egg” (minute 2:47) is just funny and meditative. He also realizes Mexicans use Tostitos bags as a vessel to put more stuff in it (yes, we are brilliant). Not to mention all that #ASMR noise from eating delicious Mexican snacks.

El Debate: Comediantes by Vice en Español

Vice does a lot of these kinds of episodes. A group of people with similar or very different ideas come together to talk about current events or topics. Me gusto esta serie, por que no hay nada como la comedia mexicana para tratar temas importantes. De verdad que como nuestro humor no hay otro.

Read | Leyendo

Pre-Order | Denver Food Crawls - April 1 , 2020

My talented friend Bre (@biteswithbre) has written a book! A wonderful crafted and personalized guide into the best places to have bites and libations in Denver and its surroundings.

If you’ve met Bre you know she always has the scoop on what places you must visit. You can pre-order her book on Amazon on the link below!

Newsletter | LA Times' Tasting Notes by Patricia Escárcega

Tasting Notes is a weekly newsletter where Patricia shares her experiences and thoughts on LA’s dining scene.

All I can say is that I don’t live in LA or have ever been to LA and I fully enjoy her weekly letters. Their insightful, relatable, and it kinda makes you hungry.

I strongly recommend reading her piece “Here’s why we stopped italicizing ‘foreign’ foods.

Subscribe here.

Shutterstock creative trends 2020

For anyone who loves anything involving design and creative thinking go check it out.

Its visually stunning too!

Book | Eating Viet Nam by Graham Holliday

An old one, but a good one.

If anyone has ever eaten anything greasy, soupy or spicy while sitting in some sort of bootleg wobbly version of a chair. This book is for you.

Plus the foreword was written by Anthony Bourdain.

Book | Thailand The Cookbook by Jean-Pierre Gabriel

I am a huge Phaidon fan. In my eyes they’re design is clean and just so impeccably dialed. This book is awesome because there’s so much room to explore, learn, and play with what kind of recipe you want to make. It’s also extremely pretty to look at, sorry. #cleandesign

Book | Tu casa mi casa by Enrique Olvera

A cookbook where Enrique Olvera shares some of the recipes he holds “close to heart”.

As a homecook, this is what I want. I want a book with recipes I can dream of making at home for my loved ones. It is also published by Phaidon so, yes, it's also extremely beautiful to look at.

Eat | Comer (also drinking)

Restaurants | Colorado


Designed by 2019 AIA Youngest Architect recipient Kevin Nguyen, Beckon is one for the books. Definitely a special occasion kind of place. Let yourself be lured, wined and dined. This place is “spookingly” magical.

Pro tip: Last time I went we were a party of four. We ordered either one or two bottles and shared the pairing in two glasses. You know...for science. It was a great way to explore what they had chosen as a pairing and also get the wine we wanted. Fun fact: Beckon's chef Duncan Holmes has recently been announced as a semifinalist in the James Beard Best Chef: Mountain category.


Anyone who has been there can attest to what a wonderful little gem this is. Tucked on what seems to be an old house on Main Street in Louisville. Moxie is a bakery, coffee shop, and cozy spot to enjoy a book, a friend, or a snack after a bike ride. All of their baked goods are made with organic heirloom wheat flour and their coffee is always on point.

Pro tip: If you can go during a weekday, do it! Lines on the weekend can get long! If you find yourself during a weekend, be patient, I promise it's worth the wait.

Sunday Vinyl

Talk about a place that’s hip and happening. The newest restaurant from Frasca Hospitality Group. Sunday Vinyl is a wine bar located next to their sister restaurant Tavernetta, where yes, there's wine, vinyls, and just the coolest of vibes.

Sit at the bar, order the burger with fries and whatever wine your bartender or server recommends. Take a sip and a bite and enjoy the daily curated music.

Fun fact: Sunday Vinyl is a James Beard semifinalist for Best New Restaurant!

Restaurants Monterrey

El Mirador

Si quieres una comida auténticamente regiomontana, prueba El Mirador. Déjate querer y pide un atropellado, unas agujas norteñas, y unos tacos locos.


De los mismos dueños de La Madalena. Como que no sabes si es restaurante o antro, pero todo esta super bien curado y presentado de una forma divertida. Its just a fun place to go with family or friends. Get a quirky smoldering cocktail and everything family-style. #norestecaliente

Tacos Orinoco

If you know you know....

Hip street tacos, with amazing branding. Pide unos tacos al pastor con soda de manzana.

Done and done. #tacosorinoco #monterrey

Things to Buy:

For homemade quesadillas: Handmade Style Tortillas by La Tortilla Factory For joint and digestive health: Collagen Protein & MCT Oil Powder by Bubs Naturals For unwinding after a long day: Lush Puppy by Bootstrap Brewing Company For relaxing: Gingergrass DRAM + CBD Sparkling Water

Instagram Handles:

Let us know what you think! Anything we should try?

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