Bread @ Tim and Lena's | 07.23.20

Stopped by Tim and Lena's to photograph some of their bread and pasta making. In true Tim and Lena fashion I got greeted by beautiful bruschetta and some wine for the soul. I hadn't seen them since the beginning of lockdown and was pleased to see how this time had helped them explore and revive old passions and hobbies. 

Pencil Bar Popping Pop-up @ Dry Storage | 07.14.19

"The juice got drank" | Baguettes, natural wines, and patio for days. Pencil Bar's first pop-up was filled with good tunes, tasty wines, and bread and cheese to celebrate Bastille Day. Can't wait ​for their next event on August 18th! Bring your summer sandals and your best natural wine attire! Thank you for having me, it is lovely to see Boulder people coming together to share their love for wine!

Opening Night! @ Jungle | 07.09.19

"A far cry from Grandma's Manhattan" | Last Tuesday I attended the opening of Jungle in Boulder and all I can say is Tiki parties are here to stay! Let the jungle drum sounds and clinking of beautifully crafted island inspired classics guide you through this fun tiki adventure. Whether you're drinking out of a conch or simultaneously slurping from a giant Chemex with your friends, make sure to smile, laugh, and boogie to those magical tropical vibes. 

Quality Time @ Blackbelly | 06.04.19

The last couple of months have been quite crazy and was truly grateful to have had the opportunity to enjoy some quality time with some fantastic gals over some amazing bites. Whether you find yourself at Blackbelly for a breakfast burritos or enjoying a big glass of red wine with some of their new menu items please call me cause I want to come with you! 

Chef's Dinner Party @ Acreage | 02.14.19

Surrounded by barrels, light humor, twinkling lights, and an overcoming sense of calm, a group of people came together to enjoy a communal dinner by Chef Eric Lee and Chef Kelly Whitaker where all anyone could talk about was the sherry vinaigrette dressing on the rebel greens, the leopard print on the piada, and which chantilly cream was better. There were stories on pizza making, cider tastings, glimmery eyes when people had more than one oyster, and a perfect Fortuna Chocolate truffle to end the night.