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Eat, Read, and Watch | Fall 2020

What to eat, read, and watch during these unprecedented times. We had a lot of fun coming up with these recommendations, hoping we can bring you some joy during this Fall.

Watch | Viendo | Videos & TV Series

Justin Timberlake Cries a River While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, shshshshshsh, do The Hot Ones they said" - JT | This show has been quite entertaining during the pandemic. Its an interview mixed with food, mixed with comedy, mixed with true real human moments. Sean Evans does a fantastic job handling spicy chicken wings and interviewing some really big celebrities. Perfect thing to listen or watch while cooking or taking a break.

Catch other episodes by clicking here

TEDx Talks: Food Stories by Rakesh Raghunathan

This TEDx Talk is amazing. It is so relatable for anyone who enjoys sitting down and sharing food. Food as he mentions, is about memories. In this video he shares his personal journey on his connection with food, with of course a little bit of humor.

Taco Chronicles Season 2 | Episode Cabrito

I loved season one, but season two feels special to me because it features Cabrito. The regional dish of where I am from (Monterrey, Mexico). Cowboy hats, Sunday family get togethers, norteño music and that thick Monterrey accent. It is such a great show! Congratulations to everyone who participated in it! See trailer for Season 2 below!

Matty Matheson | Just a Dash

Watching insanity can help keep you sane, right? Well that's how I feel about the maniac that is Matty Matheson and his cooking series, Just a Dash. Its off the walls fun and the food alone is worth the watch. Watch the trailer for season 2 below!

Eat | Comiendo | Restaurants & Products

Wolf's Tailor in Denver, Colorado

This is not the first time I've talk about The Wolf's Tailor, but wow! I went there a couple of weeks ago for my birthday. We had the Entrust menu and let go of everything. It had been a while since I had been able to truly relax, not think about the pandemic for a couple of hours, and just enjoy the food, company, and ambiance. Big thumbs up, big recommendation. Let yourself be taken in a culinary adventure.

Daikon Banh Mi Shop in Boulder, Colorado

Visit website:

I had been wanting to try this place for a while, but kept forgetting since I hardly ever crave sandwiches. One day I woke up with a true craving for Banh Mi. I ordered online and promptly picked it up (which was extremely easy and safe). The original sandwich is $9.90 dollars and it is plenty of food for one. Great recommendation for a quick easy meal.

Arcana in Boulder, Colorado

Arcana is one of my favorite restaurants! They have set the bar for what restaurants need to look like today. They are being safe while not losing creativity. They are constantly changing their menu and taking us on a food world tour. I recently went to try their Mexico menu and can't wait to try their current menu inspired by Japan! Has anyone gone? Let me know what we should get!

New Terrain Brewing Company in Golden, Colorado

This has been the one place I have probably been going the most since the pandemic hit. Their outdoor area has expanded and there rotating food trucks make for a fun experience. There beer is delicious, diverse, and fun! I would recommend coming here early as it is a very popular place. Maybe a bike ride or a hike at North Table mountain followed by a yummy beer?

Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado

A Denver signature hotel that I have been wanting to go back for a while. They recently just changed their hours for the dining, spa, and salon services. If you're looking for a staycation, I would recommend this place. You might still be in Denver, but I can guarantee a different and unique experience.

Coolhaus Ice cream - Product

Visit website:

This is by far my favorite ice cream at the moment! The Dirty Mint Chip has become part of me and the Banana Foster one is hard to find, so whenever I find it I stuck up! An awesome company that cares about ingredients, the environment, and the flavors.

Mother in Law's Gochujang - Product

We have all been experimenting with new products during the pandemic. I have been perfecting a Gochujang chicken dish and have been using the Mother in Law's sauce for this dish. It is amazing, and even more amazing when you let the sauce marinate for a bit. Go try it and experiment!

Read | Leyendo | Articles & Books

Map of 2020-2021 Denver Dining Out Passbook Restaurants by @NewDenizen

Laura from New Denizen is an insightful and great food blogger. I love reading all her posts and her pictures are beautiful! I noticed the other day she had posted a map locating all the participating Dining Out Passbook Restaurants. Go check her blog, the map, and these places out! Great source and way to support restaurants during these times!

Lentine Alexis "Great Golden Shiitake + Scallion Dumplings with Ginger"

Photo credit: Lentine Alexis

For the athletes and food lovers, Lentine's website and Instagram is the one you want to follow. Her recipes and tips are extremely helpful and on point. I remember seeing her stories on IG when she was making the dumplings. I also remember the drool I left all over my phone cause it looked that good! Winter is coming and warm food are what I am starting to crave. Take a look at these dumpling recipe and let her know what you think!

David Chang: Eat a Peach - Book

I have yet to read this book, but for the people who know us, you know we've been David Chang fans for a long time. Has anyone had a chance to read it?

Cherry Bombe Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 to October 15 was Hispanic Heritage Month and Cherry Bombe has curated a great list of Hispanic products and books. It is a really well curated and diverse list with different things to look for, from books to products, this Cherry Bombe list is spot on. I am personally very curious about the Pisqueya sauces they featured!


Comino Food Stories - BONUS

Don't forget to check our latest Hospitality Heroes episode and our Making and Baking series!

Thank you! Gracias!

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