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The Start | October 20th, 2014

I’ll keep it short guys. I love food. I love stories involving food. Every great memory involves food. Nobody forgets the beer (Btw beer, wine, and its derivatives are food adjacent. Spread the love man) you drink at the top of a mountain or after a long day of work. Nobody forgets the sizzling sound of awful, but yet wonderful late night hot dogs or tacos you rapidly ingest while intoxicated and lick that sinful grease off from your fingers. Nobody forgets cheese. Nobody forgets when you try food you don’t like or for that matter opening a putrid egg. Nobody. Nobody forgets trying, in my case, authentic Mexican food after not having it for almost a year. Nobody forgets the meaningful stories shared around (insert type of food here) and the curiosity your eyes glimmer with when trying something new. I want to share my stories and hopefully one day other people’s experiences. This will be an opportunity to talk about whatever I want. Six hundred words of why cumin is just the best or a simple photograph of what I remember from last nights dinner. I don’t know, I can’t tell you where this will go, but I do hope someone other than my mom reads it and shares the love for food as I do. I won’t bother telling you my name or where I’m from. It is what it is, a space where people can connect about common interests and take a minute out of their busy days to enjoy the little things.

Now, why “Comino”? “Comino” (last time I put it in quotations) is cumin in Spanish. This comes from the moment I realized I kind of was obsessed with food (by the way I am no chef, nor do I work in the food business. I’m just an individual who likes to talk/eat/dream food all the time). Every story starts with a grandmother cooking. So, one day my grandmother was cooking and a young version of me was playing around the kitchen when she started to teach me little things about how to cook cortadillo (meat cooked slowly with tomato, cilantro, serrano, and onion). She then told me what the secret ingredient was…cumin. And so, my obsession began. What an awesome spice, I must say. Whenever I taste it, wow, it just brings me back to my grandmothers kitchen. This love for food has evolved in many different ways, from being an adventurous eater, to cooking classes, to driving my car in the rain, in not the best of neighborhoods, with an annoyed sister just to try this dim sum restaurant I had heard of, and now to Comino. A blog about stories involving food.

I really want to express how excited I am for the blog and its potential. Hope anyone who is out in the cyber world reads it and enjoys it as much as I am writing it

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