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Episode One | Caroline Clark

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

Episode One | Caroline Clark

Front of House Captain at Basta in Boulder, Colorado

Caroline (or as I like to call her Care-o) was the first person I asked to be in the series. I don’t think we exactly remember when we met each other, but we know it was in college and through mutual friends. We became really good friends after spending time biking back from the bars during college, eating hot wings at her childhood house during perfect summer nights, and after many in-depth conversations about Riesling and the state of the nation.

When we were first developing the idea for the #hospitalityheroes video series, we still truly didn’t understand where we were going with it, but she agreed, no questions asked. A champion and true friend, who never doubted us, trusted our crazy ideas, and for a change, put herself in our hands.

I essentially had her be my guinea pig as I stumbled through my first ever “job” as an interviewer. All I can say is that she nailed it.

Caroline works tirelessly for the good of hospitality. I’ve always known this about her, but I’m hoping that through this video people can see and appreciate her love for service and the experience of her guests.

Please enjoy y gracias Charla!


Producer: Jimena Zamora

Director: Tanner Gibas

Camera: Tanner Gibas, Tanner Rheinbolt

Editor: Wildcat Active

Assistant Editor: Tanner Rheinbolt

Special Thanks:

Caroline Clark

The Basta Team

IE Hospitality

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