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The Fortuna Chocolate Truck

We were lucky enough to film these wonderful human beings before we even knew what the word pandemic was. Tanner and myself have been Fortuna fans for a while, we love their energy, their chocolate, and their love for exploring different ways to create art and conversation. The Fortuna Chocolate truck was one of the pieces we love so much from them, we were drawn to it like flies are drawn to light. Its uniqueness, intricate details unperceived by the passing eye, and the story behind it moved us to do something about it.

We visited them at the Boulder Farmer's Market and captured how they move around their personal "treehouse on wheels" and learned about what it took to create their own chocolate factory.

Fortuna's love for conversation through cacao and passion to provide a special hospitality experience is why we love them so much.

Watching this video is a treat! A wonderful window into the world we miss so much.

Enjoy amigxs!

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