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Episode Four | Silvia Hernandez

*Link for episode below*

This episode has been due for a long time. When we were first shooting the Hospitality Heroes series, we decided that we wanted an episode highlighting someone who's first language was not English. That's how we met Silvia.

An amazing, strong woman who works from the heart. She is passionate and has sacrificed a lot to make sure her kids are okay. While we here at Comino can't wait for everyone to see this story, we also want to apologize to Silvia. She has patiently been waiting for us to put this episode out for maybe a year and half. Lo sentimos mucho Sylvia, ojala puedas disfrutar este episodio tanto como nosotros disfrutamos editarlo.

When we first pitched the idea of having an episode in Spanish, we didn't realize how much it was going to take for us to translate and edit it.

Our Creative Director is a wizard at this, and I had to learn a lot of 101s of how to cut through the raw video. Long story short. We are so sorry, but we are also so excited to upload this now! A story about a kickass woman, cooking amazing food, and her journey in life.

In a lot of ways this is a special time machine video at how we went through life before face masks here in Colorado. We certainly miss those times, but we are ready to step in to the present and keep telling stories.

This is dedicated to Sylvia and everyone at Comal Heritage Food Incubator. Thank you for letting us share a little piece of your story.

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