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Ode to them

A passion project fueled by a lot of ice cream, pot stickers, late night discussions, and one infamous fight, Comino Food Stories presents The Hospitality Heroes Video Series.


The What

A series where we explore the world behind hospitality, how its meaning transcends definition, and how a simple sopa caliente can recover someone’s lost joy.

Hospitality Heroes, initially started as a fun and jovial way to portray individuals working in the restaurant industry. I was trying to push the limits of Comino and simultaneously give them a shout out in a creative way.

I simply wanted to say “Hey, we see you and we thank you!”

An effortless photojournalistic project that evolved into something I never could have imagined. It's been through the help and support of great friends and family who have believed in Comino and in its vision that we have been able to pull this off. I especially want to thank the four individuals, in this first set, who trusted our vision and put their reputation and thoughts on our hands.


The Why

It’s very easy for humans to get caught squirreling over shiny objects (in this case the food or products presented in front of us). We stare in awe at the beautiful crafted plate and forget the hands that carefully created this dish. Our eyes shine over the julienne vegetables and forget who spent hours on hours cutting them. We slowly and delicately place a piece of meat on our salivating mouths, but disregard the carnicero who meticulously butchered an animal that’s been raised by a seasoned rancher. We burst out running into a store and buy our comforting drink or dessert, without thinking how it got there. We fail to remember.

If it weren’t for the community standing behind the proverbial plate, there would be no dish.

If it weren’t for them, there wouldn’t be laughs to share around a table.

If it weren’t for them, we couldn’t attempt extremely complex recipes at our home.

If it weren’t for them, a Negroni wouldn’t taste the same on a Friday afternoon.

If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have stories to tell.

I see you. I thank you.

This is my ode to them.


*the first four episodes of this continuing video series will be released approximately every 3 weeks

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