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Episode Two | Becca Schepps

Episode Two | Becca Schepps

Creator and Founder of Mortal Kombucha

The first time I heard of Becca was when my friend Laura kept talking about this gal who rode bikes and had a really cool kombucha company. We would go on bikes rides and would always stop at the same coffee shop after riding to get snacks. For some reason she would always run into the grocery store next door, grab a kombucha that had this sparkling vibe to it and drank it. I had never seen that kombucha bottle before, but I was very intrigued by a kombucha brand that would name one of their flavors “APearantlyItsLove” (you know I love a good pun).

Our friendship solidified when she overheard I had to buy some shoes for a wedding. She immediately signed up to go to the mall with me and pick them out. We still didn’t know each other that well, but we quickly got over the small talk after we both realized we were very okay with making a fool out of ourselves by trying ridiculous shoes and running around the store recording each other (there’s some pictures of that day somewhere in my phone). That’s when I knew we would get along. We bonded over dark lipsticks, The Bachelor (Including The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise, and every other Bachelor thing we could think of), avant garde-like track suits, and overwhelmingly-in-your-face bulky shoes.

Trust me, you would know if you’ve met Becca.

Her completely unique and charming personality will captivate you. She is one of those individuals who will go along with your joke no matter how awkward it will be for everyone else, turn a bad situation into a funny one, and she’s quite the storyteller.

She is funny, amicable, and trustworthy.

But don’t let her comical and light-hearted side fool you, she is incredibly insightful, smart, witty, creative, talented, and gives damn good advice.

Every time I hear someone say how busy they are or how hard they’re working towards something, I always secretly ask them...

“Well, are you working as hard as Becca?”

She is a grinder, a doer, and will find a way to solve whatever problem is thrown at her.

She might’ve started Mortal Kombucha as a “hobby gone awry” as she says, but everyone watch out for her, she is going places and owning every step of it.

Enjoy and thank you Becca for letting me be a part of Gabba Gabba Gabba!


Producer: Jimena Zamora

Director: Tanner Gibas

Camera: Tanner Gibas, Tanner Rheinbolt

Editor: Wildcat Active

Assistant Editor: Tanner Rheinbolt

Special thanks to:


The Mortal Kombucha team

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