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Hospitality Heroes List

While I sit here, going through old photos and pondering how to help...the thing that keeps jumping at me is that information is power. Most importantly, the flow of meaningful and important information.

A couple of weeks or a month ago (time seems trivial these days) a couple of food bloggers and myself collaborated on an interactive map where we showed what restaurants are offering delivery and curbside pickup. Not sure if it helped or not, but what I realized is that we need to keep opening canals and keep information available.

So…..I’ve started a list, but I need your help!

Its a Google Doc where we can live add Go Fund me website links for restaurant groups, links to support individual people in the hospitality industry, all the non-profits that we care about, you name it and we will add it! I will make this document live and hopefully we can all add a couple of links every day and keep the stream of information strong and steady.

Stay relentless,

The Comino team


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